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The Mysterious Stone Chambers of New England and the Search for Lost America Part 2

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      Rising above the southern Illinois plain, just across from the modern city of St. Louis, sits the most spectacular of all the ancient human-engineered sacred centers in North America called Cahokia (Figure 1). This earthen step pyramid consists of four gigantic terraces comprising 22 million cubic feet of soil. Its base in excess of 14 acres is larger than that of Egypt's Great Pyramid. In mass it is exceeded only by the Mexican Pyramids of Teotihinican and Choula. It is the largest prehistoric structure north of the Rio Grand. One function of this structure was to act as an astronomical observatory built to chart significant celestial events, such as the winter solstice sunrise, the positions of the Pleiades and other constellations. Just like Khufu's pyramid, it is aligned to true north and was not built by slaves but by inspired laborers and artisans who felt a spiritual purpose in their enormous effort. When European colonists arrived in North America they were astonished to discover over one million earthen mounds and pyramids mostly throughout the middle of the country. Recent carbon dating has revealed the mound construction began at least 5700 years ago at Poverty Point Louisiana. These structures were often massive geometrical shapes connected by wide roads up to 50 miles long that joined them in an elaborate network. In Ohio, the largest animal effigy mound in the world is located on the spot of one of the earth's largest magnetic anomalies. It is called the great serpent mound, is one quarter of a mile long and can only be made out from the air. (Figure 2). When I learned about the massive scope of building and complexity of the civilization that built these structures, I was mystified why none of this was taught in our schools. This civilization was called the mound builders and their available building material was earth. So what did the colonists find in the northeast? They found the remnants of the mysterious stone builder culture of New England. Bizarre, impractical, improbable and complex stoneworks litter the landscape such as the car-sized turtle effigy of Ashfield (Figure 3), balanced on the chin and fin with quartz teeth, and the oracle chamber at America's Stonehenge (Figure 4). Also there are hundreds of stone chambers, miles upon miles of serpent walls and over a million effigy mounds and cairns. Requiring skill and technology not commensurate with archaeologist's assessment of the native population, the stone structures have a spiritual purpose that alludes the closed mind. As reported in 2002 in the NY Times, a high resolution sonar survey of New York's Hudson River revealed ancient stone walls 60 feet under water that are at least 3000 years old. This was the last time that water levels were low enough to allow construction on dry land. However researchers believe they are more likely seven or eight thousand years old. What do the New England stone sites, earthen pyramids and worldwide sacred centers all have in common? They are built along a worldwide energetic grid, a universal network that is essentially the nervous system of the earth. This may all sound very mysterious and esoteric, but this is the same energetic system found in humans that allows acupuncture to be such an effective form of medicine. Along this grid flows electro-magnetic energy that ancient cultures who blended science and spirituality understood. Whether Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, Easter Island or the New England stone chambers, sacred structures were built along this worldwide grid. Areas chosen to build were high in specific mineralogical compositions such as gold, copper, iron and quartz that attracted EM energy. The act of using specific geometry and aligning them to astronomical events also allows the sites to be energy transducers. When you see a picture of Stonehenge do you see an ancient spiritual technology at work or superstitious barbarians dragging massive stones 200 miles from the quarry and incomprehensibly placing them on top of each other 20 feet in the air. All beings are electro-magnetic representations of consciousness so are thus affected by these particular influences. When you examine these “hot spots” you find that bizarre phenomena are reported there from modern times back through Native American history. Researcher Philip Imbrogno who has advanced degrees in astronomy, earth science and chemistry has recorded significant magnetic anomalies at stone chamber sites throughout New England. He had a rare opportunity to spend three weeks with and interview the last living shaman of the Wappinger tribe of New York. His name was “Onawan Tu” which in English translates to “He who walks with the spirits”. Onawan Tu recounted the following tale of who built the stone chambers. “Long, long ago my people lived in peace and prosperity. One day strange beings came from the direction of the rising sun (east). These beings were much taller than my people and had fair skin and flowing hair. My people greeted them as friends and they began to build the stone huts you call chambers. They would have huge fires around them and would be able to commune with “spirits” because these chambers stored energy and acted as doorways to the spirit world. It is said that the giant stones were moved by spirit power with a great wind. These beings were considered by my tribe to be messengers of the great spirit, they lived with my ancestors for a very long time. There was a great exchange of ideas and knowledge not only with our tribe but also with the Delaware, Algonkin and Huron people.” This same ancient legend is repeated worldwide by native populations. Tall strange beings from a mysterious ocean continent, who taught a blend of science and spirituality. These beings were considered sorcerers and magicians who would use sound technology or a form of acoustic levitation to build worldwide sacred stone structures. Gravity after all is just a frequency (1012 Hertz), part of Einstein's unified field. Could this technology explain many of the unexplainable feats of antiquity such as elevating three, two million pound stones 40 feet off the ground on a retaining wall with such precision that you can't slip a piece of paper between them. This structure is called the Trilithon in Baalbek Lebanon (Figure 5)(note the man in foreground). Another example of unexplained stonework from antiquity are the virtually perfect polished granodiorite spheres found in Costa Rica which weigh up to 16 tons. The earth is littered with similar examples of stonework that defy explanation. Could a highly advanced technological society have existed over 10,000 years ago? If so, where is the evidence? How could archeology lose an entire continent? Actually, its rather easy. When you are not looking for something you will never find it. Everything that doesn't fit your paradigm you bend, twist or ignore. However the evidence of it's existence is to be found on virtually every corner of the planet. Next- Plato, Edgar Cayce and the lost continent of Atlantis.

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